Lavinia Parva – Sexy Ex-Spicy Girl

Lavinia Parva is a Romanian singer who is known for her RnB and dance styles.

In her childhood Lavinia was a young devil and didn’t like too much learning. However, she dreamt of being a school teacher. The nasties thing she’ve ever done was to spend the money from the class budget with her friends in a theme park. For that, she was grounded for a month.

Lavinia has started very young her modeling career, afterwards Lavinia also became a singer. She represented one of the most popular Romanian fashion houses at the beginning of 2000. Moreover, she won several beauty contests (Miss Timisoara- the city where Lavinia was born, and Miss Coastline)

Her early career in music began with the episode of being a member in a girls’ band, called Spicy, launching several summer hits between 2003 and 2005 (e.g. Spicy-Bikini Party). In 2010 she decided that house and dance music are more appropriate for her style, launching songs like “La Luna” (video below) and “Up & Down”. Her pictorial in the adult magazine FHM was a huge success for Lavinia ! Then, she revealed “I sleep alone being pretty much naked”.

Check out Lavinia’s video “La Luna” and the photo gallery below.

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