Top Hottest Romanian TV Presenters

Romania has a lot of beautiful girls and it seems that all the presenters from the Sports Section are hot !

In the last period, the most important sports information were brought to the public by girls who are always smiling and showing their breasts.

We are presenting to you “Top Hottest Romanian TV Presenters”, the ranking with the most beautiful news presenters in the world !

1. Corina Caragea

She is a journalist since 2005, starting at Realitatea TV. Today, she presents the sports section for PRO TV. Check more photos with her by clicking here

2. Crina Abrudan

For approximately 2 years she brings daily the most important news from sports for Antena 1. Firstly, Crina started at a small local radio channel. After moving to Bucharest in 2006, she applied for a reporter position and started her TV career.




3. Raluca Lazarut 

She participated several years ago at the show Big Brother. She was discovered by a producer and asked for a contract. The adult magazine Playboy has been interested for Raluca’s appearance, wanting the presenter on the first page. She accepted it without any doubt.

4. Cristina Dochianu

She was voted one of the most famous sexiest girls on screen. She took the place of Simona Patruleasa, another beauty.

5. Simona Patruleasa

She’s 35 years old but still is super sexy ! Her natural breasts attracted the male audience for several years. Today, her place was taken by other A-girls. Simona Patruleasa changed the sports-presenter to a news presenter career for Kanal D.

6. Geanina Varga  

Until lately she was the beautiful sports presenter. Find out why she is no more presenting the sports section for Antena 1 by clicking her name.

7. Alexandra Derevici

Before presenting the sports news for the channel, Alexandra worked in television for PRO TV. She was very excited when finding out that she had been accepted for the new job.



8. Gina Maican & Roxana Tanase

The two girls do not have any limits when presenting the sports news. While reading from the prompter the last news, they get naked til they make erotic gestures. They are not shy and kissing in front of the camera is a common thing they do during a show.

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